Gifts on the Table – Greening Modernism Recommended by The Baltimore Sun

From the article by Dennis Hockman:

While “Greening Modernism” is more academic treatise than coffee table book, it does offer an accessible resource for understanding how and why green buildings can play a dominant role in addressing the global energy and environmental crises.

Based on sound economic analysis, the book shows how the tenets of modern design are eco-friendly and pragmatic. Author Carl Stein, nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of sustainable design, explores the cause/effect relationship between individual building design decisions and natural resources.

Rather than focus on specifics like bamboo floors and low-VOC paints, the book takes a big-picture approach to sustainability. Geared toward practitioners and students of architecture, engineering, planning and environmentalism, “Greening Modernism” is delivered in short, easy-to-digest sections, making it perfect for homeowners interested in scratching more than the surface of green design.

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